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A music, wine & food celebration


In the summer of 2015 a group of music, art, wine and food lovers gathered to create an event to share their passions and Deboto festival was born!

If the word ”Hedonism" can be generally summed up as a belief that pleasure is the highest good, Deboto must be a kind of Hedonistic festival, a Good Life festival where art, music, venues, food, wine, cocktails, accommodations… are all on the same level.

Outstanding music, mouth-watering cuisine, delicious wine, breathtaking nature and sparkling sea. Deboto will awake all of your senses!

Deboto Festival invites eclectic, forward thinking musicians, DJ's and artists to Šibenik to play alongside a celebration of food, culture, and wine. A true hedonistic festival in all senses.

The Šibenik Region is a place of varied, beautiful landscapes where you can get a taste for all the best things about Croatia - sparkling sea, national parks, pristine islands, traditional old towns and delicious food and wine. It's also a great place for sailing enthusiasts, with hundreds of islands and a choice of well-equipped marinas to berth in.